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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Updates for 2012

Hello guys, I'm back online to this website again. It's been a while though. Just like I said before, so this website survived until 2012.

As I typed in here, I'm referring to the post back while ago in 22 June 2011. Which is my last post for this website update. Well, I'm here right now right? So I try my best to update it again on 2012 time frame. Well this is it.

To tell the truth when reading back my future plannings in my last post before, I found that almost 50% of the plannings was successful enough. So I'll try to follow up with the future plannings that I stated before, at least, I'll try to bring as much improvement to it.

My own private server as been setup on my own PC. Which is nice to have a low-end workstation + gaming rig + server in just a single PC. Kinda cool if I think about it. Try to keep up to my updates and I'll try to open up an "Anime" server just for those who found this site useful.

By the way, I'm trying to transfer all this website configurations and files to my own server. So I can make more improvement to it easier (i think...). So the website probably will have some inaccessible part and missing image or some related to it.

About moving to HTML5, I think it will be quite a time to reach it. Say, I'm no expert in this HTML things, but I didn't say it impossible but it will take some time.

Well, that's its for now. I don't want to spent all my ideas in a post. So I will have more reasons to update more often! XD

Thursday, November 17, 2011



Sunday, August 7, 2011

How amazing is this spiderman?


It is coming soon!
This movie will be in cinemas on 2012.So,to spiderman's fans,hopefully you all can be patient.

After i have seen the trailer,this movie quite disappointed me.why?because the hero is quite skinny.the suit?not to impressive.the way he got his power?a little bit fantasy.

Well,actually i was hoping that there is spiderman 4 movie than this.
(im sorry because i dont post the trailer.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stories Behind This

Okay2. I'll get it! I know this kinda boring, no updates till today. Yeah, its all my college internet to be blame here. Can't easily upload to Mediafire or Megaupload. Man, this year was tough enough for us to keep on track with latest issues in topics we caters.

This website is currently can be search into Google by just type in "axis rnd" is kinda cool. Since the rating is quite good so the website will remain still here. Sure, I'll try to search some funds to cover up its server fees.

We have recruit Rafiq for PSP updates. Alas, no updates can be found here anymore because Rafiq n myself just loss our PSP-3000 through this year.

Well, I lost my most valuable car too. Curse that Arabian. Oh well, nothing can change right now isn't it? Now I'm car-less n need to borrow my mom's car to go elsewhere (with a strong reason actually)

This website? Yeah, the template kinda boring right? I thought that way. I wasn't sure what to do with its template actually. I'm no expert in HTML templates actually. So it took hours to days for me to make it. There's HTML5 wandering off right now right? I'll try to learn it somewhat and implement it into this website. I'll hope after this no more redesign template can be done.

Waiting for my final year results to came out this 24th June. *shivers*

Oh yeah, I loss my Acer Aspire One also. Then replaced it with a newer version of Aspire One with the AMD Fusion C50 processor. Kinda cool compared to the Intel Atom. Probably because the feeling towards AMD products maybe.

Yeah, there's another link right? My personal blog? Hmm. Un-updated actually. So that one I'll closed it and just focusing with this website only. Can't manage 1 site, how can I do 2 of them? Hah, beats me.

My other members? Fahdly went for Form 6 High School right now. This is his final year. Pray for his success. *prays*. His sister got some extra talent which is drawing. Her drawings stunned me as day by day its skills went up. Wow, now that's talent we talk about. So, I'll willingly give his sister a present, a drawing tablet. Hopefully she can utilize it fully as she can. I wonder if she want to join us?

Ezaz? He's fine. Computing skills went to ceiling right now. There's nothing more can I say. Good job to him. Its's a worthwhile teaching him some skills and tips about PCs.

Wow, forgot the time. Its 2.30AM right now. Need some sleep because tomorrow got something to do with Ezaz.

Wait. Am I skipping someone? Yeah the Duo Omar and Ammar. Both of them having tough time to update. Probably this wasn't their interest maybe. Can't force them to work right since this a voluntary job actually. They have their rights to updates what ever time they want. Sorry guys for being forcefully before.

Both of them I didn't receive any updates about their life going right now. Wonder what their doing today?

Almost forgot. Arip. One of our actual photographer in our team. Rafiq also a photographer to be mention right now. Anyway, about him? His fine also. Went the hardship of learning Calculus and some programming language right now. Hope he survive this.

Lastly me? I just give half of them before this. Yeah, I'm fine too. Cat is fine too I guess...

What's the big idea about this post? Well something I need to clear out right now.

Future Plannings
  1. Getting a new internet connection for my house. A fiber optics connectivity that support higher speed internet. Probably will take the 20Mbps package.
  2. Because the No.1, I'll try my best to search some way to open my own pc as a File Server. I'll try my best.
  3. Because the No.2, I can open up my Anime directory. So anyone can enjoy downloading it. Hmm.
  4. I'll try my best to learn something from HTML5. So I can change this website to a newer taste of website template.
  5. Because all the above, I hope this will fire up our will to update a good content into this website. Hope it will.
  6. Right now, I'm on holidays for 3 month. Will re-enter my college back in September.
  7. Because of No.6, I need to find a house outside my campus. So it's seems to be like that.
  9. No new recruits? I tried to have them join. But... Can't force them right? Huh, I hope No.4 will attract people to join.
  10. Talk about people, is there some frequent reader in my site actually? If there, then thanks for your cooperation. Nothing more can I express. I'll hope I can give you guys more coziness in this site
That's all I think? Seriously guys, this 1 year is a sudden improvement to us. I can do stuff like this, and that. Yeah, there is achievements we obtained now.

No turning back now. I'll try my best to bring this website to next year. Hope this website will stay online until 'the comet hits the ground' on 2012.


Admin aXis

Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Anime Series in Spring 2011 Timeframe - Visual Guide

A normally use before, visual aid for upcoming anime release date. I'll try to keep up with this thing to make sure it's updated to the top notches. This save a lot of work time and also keep anime updates running smoothly. Here you go!

Click Here or the image to enlarge

Credits : Moetron

K-On! Houkago Live!!

Since when they released a game? Bah, I realized after I searched about its film announcement that i post before. K-ON game? In my PSP? This lightens my life.

There's no much information that I can give out. But base on my own experience, this likely will be the same as Guitar Hero games that need you to press the note on the time as you know. Also this is quite similar to Vocaloid Diva Project that share the same genre.

But what can I see in the screen caps, the graphic on this game is quite nice when compare to the Diva Project. Nicer in quality of their faces.

Click the Image to Enlarge View

Thanks to Google, I manage to find a book that covers all the information with pics. Yeah its Japanese, can't blame me bout that. 

So here 2 screen caps of the game and I put up 1 Vocaloid Diva Project screen cap to compare.




Hahaha. Baseless thought. I said differently. There's no big difference at all. I thing they use the same rendering software? Probably.  But I think is color pallets that make the quality changes. 

If you can see, Diva Project use too much complex color compared to K-ON. Yeah I thought so too.

I'm Downloading it now and will try it A.S.A.P when its completely downloaded. I'll provide the links. Mirror? No. Until the main source is dead, then I'll upload mirror links. Good luck on your downloading.

The uploader inform us that this game is:
Tested with CFW M33-6

Report if link is dead. Then mirror links will be provided.

K-ON! In Cinemas

Firstly, why would I abandoned the anime branch updates? No, I wont let it dead. We don't want dead anime (well at least all anime right now is popular on zombie-mode).

Ok you guys can forget what I say above. *No you can't delete the text above, bear with it*. What I really want to say is its been too long delay on anime updates and alike. So this will be the restart again for anime updates.

Since we provided K-ON!! last year, so any release after it will also be update in this. At least, K-ON is the heart of this anime branch likely to say actually. With K-ON posts, we can survive until now. Thx K-ON Series, we never forget.

Back to track.
As we can remember in the last episode on K-ON!!, I think its on the 26th episode. Second season is with double exclamation mark, you guys did notice about it rite? I hope the movie title will not appear as triples of it. K-ON!!! : *blah3*.

So it's confirm on its own website and its live concert K-On!! : Come With Me!! that they'll released it on 3 December 2011. End of this year? Quite far away. Oh well, nothing beats K-ON I think. Worthwhile to wait.

How bout the Seiyuu's? Are they the same person? Probably or probably not. No confirmation about this yet. All subject is tends to change.

As for it's content, I didn't know bout it. They didn't revealed a single bit. So keep track on K-ON updates as I try to re-check it and post it again.

Some report say that the film will set as its own original story. So they didn't based from anime storyline? Uh, originality doesn't come like that I think...

Update : "According to the words of the director, Yamada Takako, it will be an original story set while the main protagonists were still high-school students." - Animeraku

I Don't Like This...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

PSP Save State Plugin for CFW 6.35

If you wonder that if there is PSP can save in the middle of the battle
in your game, we present you this plugin which originally for CFW 4.00
which is made by Dark_Alex
(The first person to hacked PSP and give us sweet time with psp).
Well Neuron (One of the successor of psp scene), has updated the plugin
and now you can used it on CFW 6.35PRO-B.

The instruction is inside the RAR file and
if you need anything to ask please do so. Okay a brief explanation about
this plugin, this plugin is used to save state where u want it when the save
point is not available and you got things to do (You can used it even there's save point near)

To save state just simply press the home/PS logo button on your psp, don't quit your game
just press the R button and with any directional button, triangle, square, cross, circle (Just
press either one with the R button), this other button will act as slot to save you game, choose one to save in what slot and remember it. When press the screen should be suddenly turn black
don't panic cause thats where the save occur and you will return to game when its done.

To open save state, just simply enter your game and do just like
when you want to savestate but instead of press R, you will press the L button with
the button that you assign to save.

That is roughly what it do, don't just read do it yourself.
The link is below for you to download.

Save State Plugin

Simply extract the file and and find the folder name seplugins, copy and paste
it on the root of your psp. Then reset your psp using the VSH menu which is
on the XMB by pressing select and there will pop up the option and press the one that said
'Reset VSH' and its done. You can try play your game and do just like you are told.

Enjoy Your Day

Source: pspslimhacks.com

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6.35PRO-B3 Update

There's been update for this CFW since it first release
and it seems to get better with every update but the person that
release this firmware does not provide us with the change log since PRO-B2.
This time the programmer country is undergoing disaster that we which is earthquake and tsunami in JAPAN. So it is forgiven that if he couldn't list down the thing that he fixes, but for the PRO-B2 i could not say anything further and maybe it is his intention to have us discover it ourself.

Anyway the link for the download is below this
and don't forget if this is your first time upgrading the firmware,
please do update your PSP firmware to 6.35 first cause we don't want
to hear any casualties happen to your psp and i won't take the responsible for it.

I will provide the link for the OFW first
if your firmware is below 6.35 please do update first.

6.35 OFW


As usual if you are updating the OFW please create
new folder to PSP/GAME and name it
as UPDATE ("Capital letter please") and put the extract file in it.
If you are updating to CFW just simply extract the folder and put it in PSP/GAME and run it on your PSP.

If you happen not having a RAR file extractor, you can always youtube for
WinRAR with crack to help you find the download link for it.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy Your Day

Monday, March 14, 2011

Declare this an emergency!

11/3/2011 ,8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale earthquake rocks down the northern Japan.
Tsunami as 6 meters high reported slammed to the coastal area wrecking nearby town and harbor,washing away homes,cars and ditches boats as far inland.

As for today,the total death toll rises around 10000 people and the figure continue to rising.Now they facing a new threat that is a nuclear meltdown from a local nuclear power plant.Million people now live without fresh water and only live with eating dried ramen and noodles.

We as the youth generation must do what we can to help them over there.If can't even to lend physical support,a donation will do or last but not least our prayer for them.

Oh btw,the earthquake in Japan snapped 2 of the undersea cable as a result of slow internet traffic to the US server which explain the Facebook site is quite lag for users living in South East Asia and it will take a while to recover.